SMG works with you one-on-one to create a professional, customized WordPress website that will fit within your budget. The days of overpriced and fancy coded websites are over, as now you can play a critical role in your own design and development, giving you the reins to make your own edits once it is launched – instead of paying thousands of dollars for changes!

Blogger? Want to start a blog? We specialize it getting writers the perfect platform to tell their story at a cost-effective rate. Blogger websites start at just $250!


1. Defining your brand – You can’t build a website without defining your brand first. We’ll do an initial needs assessment with you to determine what the best layout will be for your audience to showcase your product and/or service.

2. Site Map layout – After website goals and target audience have been established, SMG will create a site map to show you how everything will look and connect in advance.

3. Content Editing – SMG will populate and edit the content for each page that you provide leading up to the launch.

4. Choosing your aesthetics – using C.R.A.P. techniques to coordinate best colors, layouts and widgets and plug-ins to make your website stand out.

5. Visitor Tracking and Data – SMG will install Google Analytics statistics reporting on your platform.

6. One-on-One Training – There’s no point in having a website if you can’t make changes to it yourself. We include training via phone/live video chats and detailed manuals so you can learn how to update text, pictures, and other elements on your site.


– Domain name registration ( and forwarding

– Site hosting

– E-commerce and shopping cart integration

– Email set-up. Are you still using a free email for your business? Be taken seriously with a real email account set up with your website. ex.

– Post-launch support. Unlike many website development companies, we don’t just create your site and then disappear. We’re here throughout the life of your website to hold your hand.

– Blog content management. Whether you need a ghost writer to craft and publish articles on your behalf, someone to load and manage the content you produce, or someone to train you how to do it yourself, we can help.

– Transfer of Blog Site. Need your blog moved from Blogger to WordPress? It’s much easier than you think!

– Email Marketing services. Need If your site includes a blog, we’ll add RSS options for feed readers and e-mail subscriptions. We highly recommend e-mail marketing and can set you up with an e-newsletter service, customize email templates, and design/install a mailing list form on your website.

Need to pull it all together with branding across the board? We can also help with:

– Logo design – Don’t have one? Or maybe it’s time to update from that free emoji you’ve been using in lieu of a logo.

– Business card design and printing – Business cards should reflect your work, match your social media platforms and website, and also have the most important pieces of information! Do you have your social media on them? Let’s fix that.

– Marketing and promotional components – Brochures, menus, banners, social media graphics – you don’t have to be a professional at everything. SMG can help tie in all your business aspects to bring you a complete tailored package for your business.


Want to see more examples of websites we’ve done? Visit our portfolio here. (Coming soon!) Call Stephanie Barnhart at 412-680-4222 or email to talk about getting your new blog and/or website set up today!