How to Determine Which Social Media Sites to Use

How to Determine Which Social Media Sites to Use

In the ever growing, ever changing world of social media, it can be frustrating trying to keep up. It seems every time we open our laptops, smartphones or tablets, there is some new craze. And, let’s be honest, by the time we hear about these new fun tools, everyone and their brother seems to have it, be on top of it or, even better, they’re already over it. This can be overwhelming on a personal level. On a business level? That is a whole new ball game.

The stress of running a company, dealing with deadlines, budgets, marketing, etc. is already a lot. Now the stress is topped off with a whole new layer of stress called social media. It’s like the little cherry on top. In the world of social media, there’s always something new or someone is pushing another platform. And you’re left racing to keep up as business owners, wondering which platform do I REALLY need? Or how am I going to fit this new platform into an already busy marketing strategy?

Luckily, you know your business more than anyone and you know what your customers like. So you are actually ahead of the game. Now, it’s seeing which platforms work best to display, describe and showcase your products and services. Let’s take a look.

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Facebook has more active users than any other social media network. This platform is basically a person’s home on the Internet. You can chat with friends and family, share photos, stalk exes, etc. With so many targeted potential customers, a business page is a must. Your business page will need maintained. Daily updates, such as photos, interesting articles or blog posts, are necessary and you will need to keep up with customer comments, reviews and questions. This platform offers paid advertisement and, if done right, it can greatly benefit your business.


Twitter isn’t quite as friendly as Facebook, but here is where you can find people you want to communicate with (other than your Aunt Sally). Twitter has a 140 character limit, which may seem drastic, but when used correctly can be extremely beneficial. And earlier this year, Twitter did us all a favor by deciding that any URL at the end of Tweets generated from attaching photos, a video, GIF, poll, Quote Tweet, or DM deep link will not count towards the character limit. Twitter is a great way to connect with customers and provide excellent customer service. It’s a good way to share news articles, blog posts and chat with people in your industry.


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Remember: Google+ is Google, which means great search engine results for your business. Google+ Page is great for brick and mortar businesses because it’s also Google Local, so if someone is looking for a dentist, for example, your Google+ page will show up in search results.. These search ranking benefits makes Google+ an important social media site to consider for your business.


Pinterest should only be used if you have great images to share concerning your business. A photography studio, restaurant or retail shop would benefit from this platform. If your business isn’t image heavy, there are ways around this. You can create checklists or step-by-step guides that will benefit your customers/followers.



Instagram is great for products, pictures of staff and developments within your business, and using this social media channel can add the ‘we’re just human’ factor to your business. Because it is a photo-based platform, images are a must. Hashtags provide a way to boost an image and can bring in potential customers.


LinkedIn is more serious in nature compared to other social media platforms. Here, you will want to assume that the users want professional and informative information. You can share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish yourself as industry experts. Linkedin is a great place to share articles, just like you do on Facebook. And BONUS, you can schedule these posts on Hootsuite.


Not every small business needs to be on social media and even fewer need to be on Snapchat. But if your business is targeting young people, you might want to take notice. People love to get a look behind the scenes of companies and people they care about. And because Snapchat offers an immersive video experience, it can be more powerful than a simple Tweet or Instagram photo.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because there are so many platforms available and new ones popping up every day. The bottom line is don’t invest your time in all the available social media sites. Find the ones that work for your business and focus your time and energy there. Still have questions on what social media sites are best for you? Email or call us today!

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