Why Audiobooks Are Making A Comeback And You Should Make One

Why Audiobooks Are Making A Comeback And You Should Make One

Have you ever wondered what the person in front of you on the subway was listening to? What song or podcast? Maybe it was neither, as they could have been listening to an audiobook. With the advancement and popularity of the digital market it only makes sense that audiobooks would be making a comeback in a big way like they are.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal stated “revenue from downloaded audiobooks in the United States grew 37% in January and February of 2016, while paperbacks grew by 8% and e-books declined by a whooping 11%”.

So why are audiobooks so popular?

screenshot_20160910-193056Smartphone Apps Account for 50% of Users Online Time

Due to the rise in popularity of smartphone apps over the last 10 years, it’s not surprising they are account for 50% of the time we spend online. Our smartphones are the gateway to the internet. If we are using our phones via apps to purchase airline tickets, order cars and meals, and create short films why shouldn’t we be able to use app to help us catch up on our ever-growing reading list?

All of Your Books Fit In The Palm of Your Hand 

So long are the days of lugging around a bag filled of books and having to maneuver yourself in such a way on busy subway cars and trains to hold said book. Now you can carry your entire personal library with you wherever you go. Simply download the book to your phone, press play and slide your phone into your pocket or purse. Just think of how many books you could finish just by listening.

Listen anytime, anywhere

With the convenience of being able to listen at any given time no matter where you are in the world, audiobooks become a multi-taskers dream. They provide listeners the opportunity to listen to their favorite author while they do practically anything from ride the train to and from work, doing household chores, working out at the gym or simply lounging in the park.


Who is Audible and why do I want it?

It’s like Netflix for audio books. Audible is eating up the market. As a reader, you can sign up and read unlimited books for $15 a month through Amazon, and as an author, if the reader signs up for the service for the first time with your book, you can earn a pretty nice affiliate price. You’ll want to keep an eye on how this platform changes – just like how Netflix has evolved from a once mail-order movie program, Audible will morph to find it’s audience, and it will be interesting to see how the platform and pricing will morph along with it.

Should you make an audiobook?

The popularity of audiobooks hasn’t gone unnoticed by publishers and authors. They are pulling out all the stops to attract listeners by increasing their budgets across the board, especially for production, as it will allow them to hire top notch narrators or a celebrity. Author Irene Weinberg understands the importance of audiobooks. She is currently wrapping up production the soon to be released audio version of her memoir They Serve Bagels in Heaven.

Like many authors Irene narrated her own book and of the process she states, “I love being able to create a more authentic, intimate connection with my cherished listener.

In addition to establishing connections, Irene will also be tapping deeper into the digital market to consumers whom she didn’t have previous access to that will simultaneously increase readership and popularity.

Never listened to an audiobook? Here is a list of the 10 Best Audiobook Apps so that you can get started.

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